Festival of Genomics Boston - October 2017, Boston Convention Center


The Themes

What do this year's themes look like?

Personalizing Medicine

Insights from early adopters, patients, payers and clinicians shows the reality of genomics in healthcare today. Discover new methods in patient communication, pricing & return of results.

Aimed at:
Oncologists, clinicians, counselors & those at a strategic level - directors, executives, managers of hospitals and health care centers.

Speakers announced:

Heidi Rehm, Chief Laboratory Director, Partners Healthcare Personalized Medicine

David Bick, Medical Director, The Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine.

Personalizing Medicine

Enabling Data

From TOPMed to machine learning and up through the clouds to the heights of best practice cases to prevent information overload, genomic data on vast scales holds the key to know and do more.

Aimed at:
Computational biologists, bioinformaticians and anyone analyzing, storing or sharing data. These individuals come from academic, drug development and healthcare backgrounds.


Anthony Phillippakis, Chief Data Officer, Broad Institute

Enoch Huang, Head of Computational Sciences, Pfizer R&D

Enabling Data

Precision Therapeutics 

Right through the pipeline, genomics has the power to enrich drug development strategy, redefine efficacy and reduce cost and attrition rates.

Aimed at:
Senior leadership down to research scientists from large pharma and small to medium drug development companies.

Join us to explore how with speakers including;

Sally John, VP of Genomics & Computational Biology, Biogen

Andy Plump, CMSO, Takeda

Precision Therapeutics 

Research and Development

From single cells to synthetic systems, build insights in CRISPR, single cell analysis, lab management and data sharing in the R&D track.

Aimed at:
Principal Investigators, professors, post-docs and research scientists.

Speakers announced include:

Noel Burtt, Associate Director, Diabetes Research, Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard

Toby Bloom, Deputy Scientific Director, Informatics, New York Genome Center.

Research and Development



Sponsors & Exhibitors

Founding Partners

Illumina, Roche and Thermo Fisher Scientific

Strategic Partners

Agilent Technologies, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, SevenBridges and Twist Bioscience


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