Festival of Genomics Boston - October 2017, Boston Convention Center


The stages

This year our content spans 5 stages, offering content and experiences in a variety of formats and to inspire and inform you.

2 Horizon Stages

Keynote session across the four themes, presentations and Q&A afterwards

Why attend:
Access a variety of high-level, visionary talks from key opinion leaders on some of the biggest areas in genomics. Whether you’re looking for practical insight from the clinic, are excited by critical research developments, want to strategize about drug development or be dazzled by new technologies, there’s something for everyone.



Prism stage

Panel discussions led by key industry speakers


Why attend:
The Prism Stage encourages the collision of ideas and approaches from a select range of voices in the field. Broaden your horizons, and join the debate in these 50 minute panel-led sessions.

In the Loop

A new format for the Festival, 90 minute sessions, with group work and presentation of conclusions.

Why attend:
Participants will be given a thought-provoking scenario or issue at the beginning of the session, and will move around the room adding a voice to critical debates and engaging with a variety of new perspectives along the way. At the end of the session the participants regroup to crowd-source creative solutions from the wisdom in the room. This is a playground for decision makers and creative thinkers alike to flip problems on their heads and affect change in the community.

Live Lounge

Presentations, films, plays, and much more.

Why attend:
Bite sized insights into the latest innovative technologies and products from a range of leading solution providers.



Sponsors & Exhibitors

Founding Partners

Illumina, Roche and Thermo Fisher Scientific

Strategic Partners

Agilent Technologies, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, SevenBridges and Twist Bioscience


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