Era7 Bioinformatics

Era7 Bioinformatics is an innovative Next Generation Sequencing SME based on research and advanced software empowered by Cloud Computing developed under Open Source model.

Era7 Bioinformatics offers integrated services, from experimental design to sequencing, analysis, interactive big data visualizations and rich reporting. Our Bioinformatics and Cloud Computing expertise allows us to face the most complex genomics and metagenomics projects. A multidisciplinary team helps our customers to go from samples to findings.

Era7 bioinformatics specializes in Microbial Genomics and has a wide experience in providing Genomics, Metagenomics,Transcriptomics, Immunogenomics and Software services for customers working in Infectious diseases, Epidemiology, Microbiome, Industrial microbiology, Agri-food or Biofuels.