Festival of Genomics Boston - October 2017, Boston Convention Center


Rare Disease Patient Track

Festival of Genomics and Rare New England are partnering to offer a stage area targeted to patients and families living with rare diseases!

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Rare New England and Festival of Genomics is partnering to bring in patients and families to engage with those working in genomics; to meet, share perspectives, and gain information that will empower them to improve and maintain best quality of life while living with disease. 

We are organizing a stage area for the patient community that will present on education and resources and will be equally valuable for all stakeholders to learn more about the families they serve. 

Taking place on day two of the Festival, the sessions are

Horizon Stages 1 & 2 
Our series of 20 minute keynotes from those doing the most essential work in the field. 

Prism Stage
Complex issues are channelled through the multiple perspectives and experiences of our panellists to help you illuminate the path forward.

In the Loop
This new forum leverages the undeniable wisdom of the Festival crowd to help you join the dots on critical issues. Places are limited for these, check back for more information.

Live Lounge
Pull up a beanbag and tune into bite sized insights from patients and clinicians, product demonstrations by leading solution providers, rare disease film screenings & a genomics play.

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  1. Live Lounge
    10 mins
    • Personalizing Medicine
  1. Live Lounge
    30 mins
    • Personalizing Medicine
    What is the goal of genetic testing in rare diseases Why problematic situations for patients and families occur, with examples of unexpected consequences, ethical violations, and patient dilemmas How ...
  1. Live Lounge
    30 mins
    • Personalizing Medicine
    Who are genetic counselors How genetic counselors can assist families seeking a diagnosis How genetic counselors can educate and support families receiving a diagnosis
  1. Live Lounge
    30 mins
    • Personalizing Medicine
    Pharma is seeking tools and methods to improve all aspects of drug development Includes the spectrum from Drug Discovery to late phase clinical trials in rare and common disease targets Greater awaren ...
  1. Live Lounge
    25 mins
    • Personalizing Medicine
    Enable the learner to describe a personal experience of living with stroke and Moyamoya disease  Enable the learner to discuss volunteerism and advocacy options for patients Enable the learner to iden ...



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Founding Partners

Illumina, Roche and Thermo Fisher Scientific

Strategic Partners

Agilent Technologies, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, SevenBridges and Twist Bioscience


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