We believe that the best scientific breakthroughs are borne out of creativity and imagination so in addition to our stellar speaker line-up, take time to explore and enjoy our show floor attractions which will help you meet and network (in a fun way!) with your peers across the full genomics spectrum.



Talkaoke is a dynamic mobile chat show that takes the energy of the audience to the next level. Each break we’ll be exploring a different key topic – come and take a seat at the flying saucer of chat! Discussing:

  • Will we cure ageing in our life times?
  • Will genetic modification shape the next stage of human evolution?
  • Should we sequence everyone at birth?

Space: The Final Frontier of Genomics

Experience something out of this world in this special session. Spark up debate with leading minds from NASA, explore the potential genomics holds in space exploration, and the lessons for human health and wellbeing on earth. See the agenda.

 Live Lab

This year the Genomics Lab comes to life in the middle of the Festival. We’ll be displaying technologies and techniques ranging from the dry lab right the way to the clinic – offering you the chance to interact (and have a play) with some really exciting bits of kit you might be considering for your own lab.

Get technical support from our genies of the lab along the way.


The TechForum is the place to discover something new. Over the 2 days we have a wide range of short snappy presentations and discussion panels on topics like the misconceptions of pathology and applicable lessons from the Nordic National Scale genomics project.

With one TechForum stage in each zone: The Lab, The Clinic and Enabling Data, there’s a wealth of focused knowledge to soak up in the breaks.


Get in the Zone

This year, we are building the Festival in zones, to help tailor your Festival experience. Over 3 areas: Enabling Data, The Lab and The Clinic, the exhibition floor is designed to help you quickly orientate and find the people, ideas and solutions that match your needs.


Present a Poster

Presenting a poster is an unmissable opportunity to engage with other attendees about your research. Seize the chance to show off your work and open the door to the possibility of collaboration, job opportunities and advice from over 2,500 of the genomics community. Read more.


Return of the Broad

The Broad Institute pioneers the genomic frontier through the application of operational excellence, advanced process design, data analysis & visualization, and technology development capabilities. 

 You will have a chance to tour the site that worked on the Human Genome Project, Broad Institute’s Genomics Platform, which has been providing services to the scientific community for over 20 years and is now also serving the commercial community.

This half-day event will include:

  • A guided tour through the lab highlighting how we apply manufacturing best practices within a biotechnology space
  • Stops at the state of the art clinical CLIA licensed, CAP accredited laboratory
  • Walk through the sequencing heart of the lab – one of the largest sequencing labs in the world featuring 28 HiSeqXs
  • A presentation on the capabilities and expertise of the Broad Institute Genomic Platform, followed by open discussion with technical experts

Transportation provided by The Broad Institute Genomic Services to and from the BCEC.  Attendees are welcome to arrive directly to the Broad Institute location at 320 Charles Street in Cambridge, MA.

Lunch provided by New England Biolabs. New England Biolabs

Buses depart from the festival site (Boston Convention and Exhibition Center) at 10:30am and will return for 3:00pm

Places are limited so book early! You can register here.


The Play: DNA Dialogues, Dilemmas & Drama created by Lynn Bush, Phd, MS, MA

An interactive new play critically examines the complexity of uncertainty and certainty by bringing to life the promises and challenges brought forth by the application of genome sequencing in the pre- and post- natal setting.

Utilizing a pedagogical approach that is engaging and content-driven, a distinguished cast of genetic professionals (including Diana Bianchi, Andy Faucett, Heidi Rehm, Alan Beggs, Marni Gelbert, Kyle Brothers, Carrie Blout) portrays fictionalized characters in two case-based scenarios dramatizing the dialogues and dilemmas surrounding genome technologies.

Dialogue illuminates the significance of contextual variation, including level of understanding, the quality of information and counseling given throughout, and the varying perspectives on managing the spectrum of uncertainty.

Talking place at the clinical stage at 3:40 PM.