2016 Streams coming soon

Below are 2015 streams and workshops….

June 27th – Pre-Festival Workshops

09:00 – 11:45

Workshop AEmpowering patients & physicians with actionable information

Workshop B: Translating NGS data into the clinic

Workshop C: Better together – exploring cloud computing in public-private partnerships

12:30 – 3:15

Workshop D: Decision support: making sense of missense & nonsense in clinical sequencing reports

Workshop E: Optimizing your use of RNA-Seq tech & data analysis – 101

Workshop F: An introduction to BioJavaScript – a growing library of JavaScript modules to represent biological data on the web

Workshop G: Workshop hosted by Seven Bridges Genomics

3:30 – 6:15

Workshop H: Managing secondary genomic findings: practical tools to support consent, preferences & return of secondary results

Workshop I: Detection & assessment of structural variations & their impact at the individual & population level

Workshop J: Data driven discovery: from personalized genomics to clinical impact

June 28th – Festival Begins!

Plenary talks from Aubrey de Grey, Andrea Downing & Diana Bianchi