Festival of Genomics Boston - October 2017, Boston Convention Center



Towards a human cell atlas: from organs to tissues to single cells

Prism Stage
Precision Therapeutics , Research and Development
  • Data sharing
  • Data analysis
  • Data integration
  • Drug development
  • Clinical development
  • Collaborative models
  • Single cell
  • Pathology
  • Clinical implementation
  • Learnings from the Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) project
  • How the Human Cell Atlas (HCA) will drive understanding of diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of disease
  • Existing and emerging technologies to study single cell epigenomics and cellular spatial analyses
  • Case studies of the impact of this research on dissecting the tumor ecosystem, and in drug development and validation
Kristin Ardlie, Director, GTEx LDACC - Broad Institute
Ben Izar, Medical Oncologist - The Broad Institute/ DFCI
Jason Buenrostro, Broad Fellow - Broad Institute
Jeffrey Moffitt, Helen Hay Whitney Postdoctoral Fellow - Harvard University
Orit Rozenblatt-Rosen, Scientific Director, Klarman Cell Observatory - Broad Institute
Simon Xi, Chemical Genomics and Integrative Biology Group Leader - Pfizer



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Illumina, Roche and Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Agilent Technologies, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, SevenBridges and Twist Bioscience


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