What is the Festival of Genomics?

The Festival is a 3 day celebration of genomics across the spectrum from the lab to the clinic, taking in new research, technology and advances in medicine. Essentially it’s the ultimate genomic gathering. The aim is to unite the different stakeholders of the community around a series of progress-critical topics. We’ve removed the usual boundaries and walls to create a spirit of unity distinct from anything else in the calendar.

We believe in providing an environment for creative scientists to flourish and we encourage those with the ability to make connections between diverse ideas, concepts and data to come and share with their peers. The path to progress is through originating new ideas and through challenging existing concepts and models, and the Festival is the best place to do that.

Just like other great Festivals, it’s not just about our headliners and stage acts, but the full range of activities around the site that give that ‘Festival feeling’ and make the experience memorable. Introducing some of the more unusual elements opens the door to an atmosphere of fun and informality which makes striking up a conversation with your peers and heroes effortless.

What’s going on this year?

There are a number of brand new experiences & returning features to keep you busy at this year’s event;

  • New content tracks to broaden your horizons – check out all 12!
  • In-depth workshops to tackle those trickier topics
  • Zoning on the show floor to help you network and find relevant content more easily
  • A live lab exploring a full genomics workflow
  • Extended poster zones and brand new stages around the festival to celebrate research and advances in techniques and technologies
  • Site visit to the genomics powerhouse, the Broad Institute
  • Evening session dedicated to genomics & space exploration
  • 3 new feature tracks focusing on investment, genetic counselling & drug development
  • Race the Helix will return to help raise money for Greenwood charity for genomic disease
  • Fiendishly difficult tasks in our all new ‘genomics workflow challenges’

There is plenty more to see and do on site. Download the Festival Guide to discover more.

Who are we as a company?

Front Line Genomics is a media company dedicated to supporting the genomics community. Our mission is to help deliver the benefits of genomics to patients faster. You can read more of our story here.

In addition to our 3 Festivals, we also have a magazine and web portal which do the same thing as our events in a portable format: unite the genomics community to bring the benefit of genomic medicine to patients faster.